Bronze Mahākāla in yab-yum with its Shakti


Bronze Mahākāla in yab-yum with its Shatki

Mahakala is the transposition Buddhist vehicle of Bhairava, an offshoot of the Hindu god Shiva when angry. In Tibet, he is both Dharmapala and Yidam and comes in various forms. He is depicted here in sexual union with his Shakti who is entwined in his two main arms. This embrace is called yab-yum (father-mother) and symbolizes the union of the forces, wisdom and compassion.
Her head is adorned with a diadem with five highly stylized skulls. He is wearing a high bun (jatāmakuta). His face has three eyes and a short beard. His loins are girded with a tiger skin and wears a garland of severed heads. Identifiable attributes are the ax (vajra-kartrikā) and the hourglass two-headed drum (damaru) in his right hands and skullcap (kapala) in one of his left hands.

The workmanship of this small bronze suggests its provenance from a workshop in North India, 20th Century

Height: 11,2 cm (4-1/4 in.) - Width: 8,4 cm (3-1/3 in.).

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  • Expertissim Reference: 2012100484