Certificate of appointment of Count of the Empire in the name of Charles Joseph LAMBRECHTS, Senator



Certificate of appointment of Count of the Empire in the name of Charles Joseph LAMBRECHTS, Senator.

Naturally painted coat of arms Arms in the upper left corner. Parchment with its ribbon and red wax seal representing the Emperor Majesty and the reverse the Great Imperial coat of arms.

Dimensions: 60 x 46 cm (23-1/2 x 18 in.).

Given in Bayonne May 23, 1808. Signed by Napoleon and Cambaceres. Countersigned on the back by Laplace.

Fairly good condition.

(Small foxings).

The coat of arms of Senator Count Lambrechts are: "Argent, a broken chevron of sand, with three same trefoils, quarter of the Senate. ".

History: Charles Joseph Mathieu, Count Lambrechts (1753-1825), Legal Adviser and canonist from the Austrian Netherlands. Lived in Belgium, he was a supporter of the French Revolution and was called to the Ministry of Justice (where he succeeded Merlin of Douai) and the Navy during the Directory. Lambrechts, who did not participate in the events of 18 Fructidor Year V and 18 Brumaire Year VIII, was appointed to the Senate's conservative establishment, 3 Nivose, Year VIII. He was part of the minority and voted against the Consulate for life and against the establishment of the Empire, he was nevertheless appointed (9 Vendémiaire XII) then Commander of the Legion of Honor (25 Prairial year XII) and created Count of the Empire (May 1808). For the duration of the imperial government, Lambrechts seat beside Lanjuinais of Destutt-Tracy, Garat, Cabanis and Volney. He participated in the downfall of the Emperor by the Senate in 1814. Under the Restoration, the former senator was not called to the House, however, he obtained letters of great naturalness and would not leave France, although his party would have been separated.

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