Flemish School circa 1600. Tiburtine Sibyl, painting

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La sybille Tiburtine (Tiburtine Sibyl)

Oil on canvas
Inscription on upper part SIB.TYBURTINA, X,

Height: 67 cm (26-1/4 in.) - Width : 53 cm (20-3/4 in.)

Older re-lining of canvas. Few cracklings, small chips and losses towards left. Very minor wear.

Sibyl of Tibur was in Varro’s last work associated with Augustus-Octavius and the restoration of the Pax Romana but gained importance after the 6th century. She was also known as the prophet announcing the coming of a king born from a virgin.
In the Middle Ages, the Sibyl of Tibur was essentially messianic and millenarian symbolic. The writers during this period believed that the sibyls had announced the birth of Jesus and the coming of Christianity; hence the frequent representation of the Sibyls in Christian iconography at cathedral portals or windows like the one in Beauvais, France.
Tiburtine Sibyl has inspired many works. In 1485, the Florentine painter Domenico Ghirlandaio placed her in a fresco at the Cappella Sassetti in Santa Trinita in Florence. In 1514, Raphael also represented her in the church, Santa Maria della Pace in Rome. Around 1575-1580, the French painter Antoine Caron (1521-1599) depicted the Sibyl with Emperor Augustus in a painting in the Louvre collection. She is still the subject of various studies such as Yves Hersant, published in Pigeaud J. (ed.), Les Sibylles (The Sibyls), Paris , 2004.

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