Ivory figure statuette. African-Portuguese, 16th Century ?


Ivory statuette with uneven patina which is lighter on the back. Representing a standing man or woman, probably a Portuguese. Wearing a skirt, hair styled as helmet for the artist wanted to represent a helmet. Folded arms, closed hands have a bored hole for affixing an object.

African-Portuguese, 16th Century ?

Height: 7,4 cm (2-9/10 in.) - Width: 1,5 cm (3/5 in.)

Missing left leg as well as tip of right foot, twig mark under buttocks.

This small figure may have surmounted an olifant like that at medals cabinet at Bibliothèque Nationale de France (National library) exhibited at the sessions pavilion at the Louvre Museum. His hairstyle as helmet is comparable with salt cellar statuettes at Borries Museum, Barnard Castle, Durham and Museum fur vol Herkunde, Vienna

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