Lot of six books including four Jules Verne, Late 19th Century


Lot of six French books including four Jules Verne, Late 19th Century

Jules Verne: Les enfants du capitaine grant (Children of Captain Grant)

Jules Verne : Un capitaine de quinze ans, de la série des voyages extraordinaires (Boy Captain: Adventures on Land and Sea), Hetzl edition, board with single elephant.

Jules Verne : Vingt-mille lieues sous les mers (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea). Hetzel edition, illustrated with 111 drawings by Neuville and Riou.

Jules Verne : Aventures de trois russes, et de trois anglais (Adventures of 3 Russians and 3 Englishmen in South Africa), Hetzel edition, illustrated with 53 vignettes by Ferat, engraved by Pannemaker.

Explorations sous marines (Undersea Explorations); Hachette editions, author, Edmond Perrier, 1891.

Rémy Allier : Le Voeu de Madeleine (Madeleine’s Wish), Paris , Ducrocq bookseller, illustrated with 100 compositions by M. Joannon. (accident on interior binding, damaged).

Fair condition, foxing, wear on the binding, stains on covers

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