Notary Act, 17th Century


« C'est l'assietes des propres allienés de nostre mere et sa part aux acques de la communauté et le surplus du bien du pere est partagé en cinq loties cy apres. » (These relations of formal sharing with our mother and her part in the acquisitions in the community and surplus of her father is shared among five lots afterwards).

One in-folio registration, 26 paper sheets, re-used parchment cover; signed act by notary. The cover sheet is re-used by liturgy office (15th Century), written in brown ink over two columns with 27 lines, with numerous red and blue ornamental letters.

It consists of sharing 5 equal lots, including buildings based on the succession of the noble gentleman Jean Touzé, sire of Locmaria, as well as half of the acquisitions by him made during his time with Lady Perrine Guillermo his companion. June 8, 1689.
The goods are located in Brittany, Plairin (Côtes d'Armor).

Very good condition

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