Royal Manufacture of Aubusson: Verdure tapestry with doves and ducks


Verdure tapestry with doves and ducks.

Royal Manufacture of Aubusson, France.

Last quarter of 17th Century.

Height: 270 cm (8-3/4 ft.) - Width: 400 cm (13 ft.).

Fine and important Aubusson verdure tapestry depicting a landscape in perspective with different plans creating an illusion of depth. In the foreground, the unusual representation of two doves pecking at wheat certainly has a symbolic meaning. On the different plans are represented a river, high trees and two ducks swiming peacefully on another branch of the river. In the background, we can distinguish a castle.
The composition is framed by a very fine border decorated with naturalistic flowers (tulips, forget-me-nots, roses, etc.) and gold and blue acanthus leaves. On the four corners of the border, acanthus leaves are framing small fleur-de-lys medallions. We may assume that the doves and the fleur-de-lys represented on this tapestry were a way for the commissioner to express his loyalty to his king and his religion.

Woven in wool and silk (wool warp thread, wool and silk weft), the tapestry is in a good state and the bright colours are well preserved. Two areas of reweaving including one narrow strip on the left with slightly faded colours.

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