Sculpted sea conch shell. Eastern India, 19th-20th Century


Sculpted sea conch shell

The conch shell (turbinella rapa) (Skt : shankha) decorated with different aspects for Shiva including trident (trishula), drum (damaru) and baton (danda) symbolize strength of knowledge. The conch shell is a symbol of richness from the water element. It is also the symbol of the feminine Shakti principle as mother of primordial waters, associated with the goddess Lakshmi. It is the origin of the five element: water, fire, air, earth and spirit. It is used in Brahma worships as a wind instrument. The vibrations emitted from the primordial tend to rouse and wake the latent conditions for existence’s creative impulses.

Eastern India (Bengal), 19th/Early 20th Century

Height: 19 cm (7-1/2 in.)

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