Sèvres. Large bottle porcelain vase in the Chinese Manner



Large porcelain vase with a shape known as " vase carafe à collier A 2ème grandeur " (Carafe Vase with Necklace 2e Grandeur) , globular body resting on stem, with long neck, widened at the opening . This shape was inspired by the "vases bouteille" (bottle vases) from the Qing Period, with a " ring " or a " bracelet " at the rim reminiscent of archaic Chinese vases. With a "bleu flambé"( flamed blue) glaze mixing many nuances from lavender-blue to lapis-blue with a gilt thread around the neck .

Sevres Manufacture, Third Republic, 1895
Porcelain marked in green S88 for Sèvres 1888. Decoration and gilt marked in red RF95 for 1895. Painter’s mark in green.

Height : 40 cm (15.7 in.)

The shape was created by Joseph Nicolle in 1864. This vase is one of the interpretations of Oriental bottles made in Sèvres during the second half of the 19th century.

Three examples of the same shape and height, of which two have a similar decoration, are conserved at the Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris (Paris Decorative Arts Museum) (inventory numbers 95.93 - 201.47 - 99.57).
A pair of bottles with the same shape and Japanese decoration were delivered to the Crown for the Palais de Compiègne in 1868 (C3166 and C3167).
A similar vase to ours can be found in the Brohan Museum collections in Berlin (II/2(1977) Nr.672).
A floral vase was sold at auction. (Sotheby's Londres, 24 février 2004, lot 82).

Bibliography :
Brigitte Ducrot, Compiègne, Porcelaines et terres de Sèvres, Musée National du château de Compiègne, Paris, 1993, p. 291.

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  • Item(s) quantity:  1
  • Height in cm : 40 cm
  • Width in cm : 19 cm
  • Depth in cm : 19 cm
  • Expertissim Reference: 2014111337