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Sèvres. Pair of porcelain Delhy 2e grandeur vases



Pair of porcelain Delhy 2e grandeur vases with knop on stem and lapis blue ground. Gilt decoration of arabesques and draperies on base and rim. Gilt threading on borders.

Incised marked for year 1867 and green stamp for one, 1868 for other and gilt-red mark for Sèvres 1869.

Napoleon III Period

Height : 32,5 cm (12-3/4 in.)

This shaping was created in 1851 by Jules-Constant Peyre. Three grandeurs were realized.

This style for ceramic arts art was notably Orientalism during the Second Empire.
During this era, art historians and lovers were passionate for newly discovered ceramics called the “Rhodes pottery”. Actually they were Ottoman ceramics from Iznik with lost provenance. Other than tiles and platters, the Iznik ceramic artisans produced bottle vases with elongated stem and bulged body during the 16th and 17th centuries (Department of Islamic Arts at Louvre and Cité de la Céramique at Sèvres have notable examples)

Sèvres Imperial Factory was influenced by the latter’s from to realize “Delhy Vases” to meet their clients’ needs dreaming about the Orient. The name “Delhy” easily perfected this Orientalist desire.

The manufacturer realized them with purple, pink, green, turquoise, yellow and even blue ground. Certain had more precious decoration or polychrome or used pâte-sur-pâte process.

- For a pair of similar vases consult expertissim.com , lot n° 2012080346
- Christie’s New York, April 20, 2005, lot no. 295

- One pair of “Delhy Vases” 1ere grandeur with lapis blue ground and gilt ornaments is in the collections of Compiègne Chateau (Inv. C.545.C).
They were ordered by Emperor’s furnishing firm for the crown and Compiègne Chateau and delivered on October 22, 1847 and documented in 1880 upon console table in circular salon.

- Two “Delhy Vases” with Orientalist decoration was delivered to Saint Cloud in 1855 (Consult Nishihara-Moëne, 2004).
- Another vase from France’s Mobilier National’s collections was decorated by Léopold Gély with pâte-sur-pâte process, was exhibited at "Second Empire et Troisième République", Sèvres, 2008-2009.

- The Victoria and Albert Museum collections have a white cast-off with same shaping (inv. no. 128-1877)

Ducrot, B., Porcelaines et terres de Sèvres (Compiègne Chateau), Réunion des Musées Nationaux, 1993.

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