Stewart Tjapaltjarri Baadjo. Brongo Yard, painting


Stewart TJAPALTJARRI BAADJO (Aborigine artist, Australia, born circa 1980)

"Brongo Yard", 2000

Acrylic on canvas
References indicated on verso : Walayarti Artists, 900 x 600, Stewart Badjoo, 50/00

Height : 133 cm (52-1/4 in.) - Width: 62 cm (24-1/4 in.)
Stretcher with wedges

Overall, perfect condition

- Cooperative Art Centre for Warlayirti Artists

Work accompanied with a copy of its certificate of origin containing commentary on the artist and canvas issued by the Warlayirti Artists, Balgo Hills, Western Australia.

Raised in the Balgo Hills in Western Australia, the artist chose to celebrate here this sacred site, Brongo Yard, near the Mulan community in Kermberley. It should be noted that when the Aborigines were forced to settle, many of them found themselves employed in huge farms and grazing lands for raising livestock. Brongo Yard - the solid yellow color - for example served to herd horses. When the Aborigines would seek the animals, it was an opportunity for them to gather at the sacred site. The artist takes a surprising viewpoint by mixing frontal and aerial views.

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