Terra-cotta mother goddess. Sar Dehri, Shunga Dynasty


Orangish terra-cotta figurine with black chrome depicting a mother goddess from the Northwest subcontinent Indian fertility cults. Large corolla flowers, cowry-shaped eyes, nose designed as bird’s beak, small inlaid breasts, earrings, double strand necklace and rough hewn arms and legs are especially characteristic of this region.

Sar Dehri Region (today Pakistan), Shunga Dynasty, 3rd-1st Century B.C.

Height: 19 cm (7-1/2 in.) - Width: 9 cm (3-1/2 in.) - Depth: 4 cm (1-1/2 in.)

These figurines initially were dated from the first millennium B.C. This confusion stems from finding numerous objects with certain similar characters in most of Northern India. But extensive research and modern methods for dating including thermoluminescence precise the dating to 3rd-2nd Century B.C.

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