Thangka for Guru Dorje Drolo. Tibet, 18th-19th Century


Thangka for Guru Dorje Drolo. Cotton support with mineral pigments. Center composition wiht Guru Dorje Drolo is one of the eight manifestations of Padmasambhava called Guru
Rinpoche by Tibetans. Under this fierce manifestation, Padmasambhava introduced Buddhism to Bhutan, riding a tigress who tramples on a body, holding in his right hand a
Lightning (Tib: Dorje) and his left hand a triple-edged dagger (Tib: phurbu). The body of Guru Dorje Drolö is stocky, eyes bulging, forehead bears third eye, flaming hair and head encircled by a diadem with five skulls. He is adorned with necklaces, earrings, upper arm and ankle bracelets.

Tibet, Nepal Work, 18th-19th Century

Height: 64,5 cm (25-1/4 in.) - Width: 42 cm (16-1/2 in.)

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