Wood black Madonna. Brazil, 18th Century

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The black Madonna, Yemaja, carved and polychrome exotic wood processional statue, glass eyes and natural hair for hairstyle. Slender body type, presented with an elongated face with regular traits, almond-shaped eyes, long straight nose and thin mouth; pierced ears with pendant earrings; articulated arms. Included tunic and coat

South America, Brazil, 18th Century

Total height: 64,5 cm (25-1/4 in.)

Few accidents notably on right hand’s fingers.

Imported to Brazil by black slaves, the African divinity Iemanjá or Yemaja, was adapted by the Church to be assimilated with the Virgin Mary figure. Strongly encouraged by Brazilian clergy, this syncretism facilitated dialogue between this population torn from their ancestral home. According to the Yoruba people from West African tradition, she was originally an aquatic divinity, protector of women particularly pregnant women.

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