Wood statuette of god Skanda, India, 19th Century


Wood statuette representing the god Skanda under the Shaktidhara form. The god is richly adorned, standing with leaned hip in tribhanga, right leg bent onto left. Styled with long hair and high cone tiara, his left hand is on gada club. His right hand holds the attribute called sahkti (missing here). A Brahmanic rope (Yajñopavītam) wraps his torso and then loops over his left shoulder, showing his religious Brahamic initiation. He is the son of Shiva. Also named Kartikeya (Son of Pleiades, group of stars), Subrahmanya (Dear to Brahmans, South India), Kumara (Adolescent), Murugan (the Boy in South India).
This juvenile warrior was consecrated commander-in-chief of the army for Brahma and Indra gods in order to destroy demons.

South India, 19th Century

Height: 44 cm (17-1/4 in.).

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