Wrought-iron spontoon, 17th Century


Wrought-iron spontoon. Pointed thrust with middle ridge, engraved on both sides with flowers, rosaces, gryphons and motto «NEC TEMERE NEC TIMIDE » .
The two cut-out hooks on base engraved with foliaged scrollwork and one central medallion with decoration of deer and motto "Pro Christo et Pater Rectifaciendo : neminem timias" and on back « Virtu Virtus Tuneri (…) ».
Mounted with one canted socket with two splints and one wood shaft added later.

17th Century

Total height: 222 cm (7-1/4 ft.)

The motto "Recte faciendo neminem time as" was employed by several families:
-Ranzow. (Holstein, Denmark.)
-Van den Steen de Jehay. (Liège Province, Belgium.)
-Sytzama. (Frisia)
-Dinglis de Milton-
-Bryan. (Great Britain)

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